Program Success

PENT was awarded the American Teacher Educators Award in 1983 for excellence in teacher education. This is the only time this award has been granted to a Canadian University.

Program Financing

All program costs are borne by the sponsors. There are no other sources of funding. Sponsors pay a fixed annual fee for each student which covers all tuition, fees, books and supplies. Brandon University sets fees in accordance with budgetary requirements.

Program Governance

PENT is a program of the Faculty of Education and is governed by the regulations of Brandon University. The PENT Advisory Committee oversees the Program and includes representatives from the Manitoba Metis Federation, Southeast Resource Development Council, Keewatin Tribal Council, West Region Tribal Council, Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council, Interlake Reserves Development Council, Frontier School Division, the PENT Student Body, Manitoba Teachers’ Society, Director of Teacher Certification and Records, Department of Education, Faculty of Education and PENT staff.