Orientation for New Students

A one or two-week orientation before classes begin is mandatory for all new PENT students. Sessions include study skills, familiarization with the computer system, library, and the program of studies, as well as recreational and cultural events.

Taking Courses in PENT

Students take six credit hours (2 courses) in each month for a total of 24 credit hours each year, from the beginning of April through July. To help students achieve the maximum success in their studies, PENT provides the following services:

  • Some class times extended from 36 hours to 48 hours or more
  • Extra attention for writing skills and mathematics
  • Study labs conducted by student assistants for some courses
  • Academic counselling
  • Personal counselling

Students with a grade point average of 3.00 or higher in both Arts and Education may request to take an overload if the course schedule will permit the overload.

Some students who attend in April may take 24 credits.


All materials required for all courses are supplied to students directly from the PENT office. These include textbooks, classroom supplies, and materials to complete projects and assignments.


All PENT students have access to computers for word processing, e-mail, and searching the Internet.