How to Prepare for Remote Counselling Sessions

Brandon University personal counsellors are here to support you .

Counselling appointments are being offered virtually and for some people that requires some adjustment. Here are some tips to support you in having a positive experience.


Location, location, location

  • Find a quiet and private space. If you live with other people you might place a towel or blanket under the door to muffle any sounds. If need be, perhaps sit in your parked car or in a private space outside.
  • Let people in your household know you are in an important meeting and ask them to not disturb you.
  • Try to be in the same space for each appointment. This makes it easier to settle into your appointment.
  • Get comfy and stay hydrated: find a comfortable chair to sit on and have a glass of water handy during your session.


  • Make sure your Wi-Fi connection or cell service is reliable.
  • Keep your device charged.
  • Close any web browser tabs/applications that may cause a distraction.

Before and after your session

  • Before your session, think about your goals for the session.
  • Block a period of time before and after your session in your schedule so that you do not feel rushed
  • Take a moment to reflect after your session.
  • Move around after that reflective period. Step outside, feel the sun on your face, breathe deeply, and stretch gently. Take a walk if you have the energy to do so.
  • Bring a notepad in case you wish to make notes during your session.
  • Bring or have access to your schedule so you can book additional sessions.