Peer Wellness Educator Volunteers

Peer Wellness Educator Application (fillable)

Peer Wellness Educator Volunteers are a dynamic team of students who are committed to Wellness initiatives on campus.  They are instrumental in planning and promoting thematic outreach programs to Brandon University students on a variety of wellness topics such as sexual health, emotional well-being, physical health, stress management as well as other topics that the Peer Wellness Educator Volunteers are passionate about and feel need to be addressed.

Peer Wellness Educator Volunteers support students by planning wellness events, activities and workshops to engage students in wellness opportunities. 

Peer Wellness Educator Volunteers meet regularly to decide on which topics they feel need to be addressed on campus and then develop a plan to bring more awareness or information on this topic to the student body.

 Peer Wellness Educator Volunteers:

  • Develop transferable skills to the job market
  • Participate in experiential learning opportunities
  • Experience mentorship and goal setting with Student Services staff members
  • Can request a letter of reference for their portfolio

Peer Wellness Educator Volunteers are expected:

  • To be passionate about Wellness
  • To commit approximately 1-2 volunteer hours per week
  • To maintain good academic standing (2.0 GPA)
  • To attend Peer Wellness Educator Volunteer core training events
  • To attend Peer Wellness Educator Volunteer meetings to coordinate and plan wellness activities
  • To assist with planning and promoting wellness topics

This information is available in alternate formats upon request.