Public Service

Canada’s Finest Regional University

The Public Service Act (PSA) came into effect on February 26, 2022. The Act provides a legislative framework for an ethical and effective public service for Manitoba by setting out fundamental values such as transparency, accountability, integrity for others. Section 3(1) provides that the Act applies to the broader public service of Manitoba, include Brandon University.

Brandon Universities, policies, procedures, and practices provide the backbone of our commitment to the PSA and our action plan.

Our Vision

Canada’s Finest Regional University

Our Value Proposition

The service we provide to Treaty 1 and Treaty 2 territories, to Brandon, and to southwestern Manitoba is unique. We serve our communities and share our knowledge with the country and the world through our research and teaching. We have global impacts while servicing a largely regional population.

Cover of Mamaawii-atooshke aakihkiwiin Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Mamaawii-atooshke aakihkiwiin Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Our Motto

“Speaking the truth in love” is a motto that reflects our roots. Respect, a duty to truth, and a commitment to action are concepts shared in many cultures, including the Indigenous seven teachings. Our motto is a moral call to action that reminds us of our role and our responsibilities.

Our Strategic Plan (Mamaawii-atooshke aakihkiwiin: Strategic Plan 2022-27)

Brandon University is committed to positive and reciprocal relationships with the communities we serve. We are rooted in the land and territory we call home and are both inspired and guided by the Indigenous knowledge and understanding that grows from this land. We share knowledge with and among our communities, and we accept with humility the knowledge that is in turn shared with us.

The three interwoven braids of our Strategic Plan are our commitments to our students, to our staff and faculty, and to our community. As braids, they each contain many strands, which we identify as strategies for each group. Found in each strand are our commitments to Indigenization, to wellness on campus and to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, the biggest opportunities for universities today. Brandon University is committed to positive and reciprocal relations with the communities we serve.

Cycle of success infographic

Embedded in our region, Brandon University embodies and reflects the values of southwestern Manitoba. We are especially engaged in the creation of rural-based knowledge that we share with vibrant rural areas everywhere. Brandon University strives to be Canada’s finest regional university. But how is that defined? We shun the term “best” as that implies competition and a pursuit of impossible perfection. Only one can be “Number One.” We choose instead collaboration, and community, and to seek and support success for all.

Quantitative measures are straightforward. They may be difficult or laborious to achieve, they may be ambitious and require painstaking attention to detail, but they are straightforward because they require numerical measures and assessments.

Our path is not straight and forward. We choose instead a braided path, a path that emphasizes the cyclical and interconnected nature of success, a path that rewards patient process rather than merely tracking progress.

Our measures of success must be broader and more inclusive than “best.” We ask: Are we happy? Are we healthy? Are we respectful and kind? Instead of best, “fine” means sharp, incisive, and keen – like the minds of our students, our alumni, our faculty, our staff – and also means a feeling of well-being.

Our Strategic Plan includes our early successes and proposes strategies that will increase the vibrancy, engagement and success of our students, our faculty and staff, and our community. Our Strategic Plan Action Committee is gaining traction in plan implementation in these nine areas.

University Governance

Brandon University has a history of providing quality teaching, learning and research within Western Manitoba for 125 years. We do this in compliance of federal and provincial Acts, Standards, Legislation and Policy. Further, the Brandon University Act empowers the university, via its bi-cameral university governance structure comprising the Board of Governors and the Senate, to develop the plans, policies, procedures and training programs that complement federal and provincial laws to guide our students, community, faculty and staff within the day-to-day operations of the university.

Responsibilities and accountabilities

We expect and hold each other accountable to maintain and uphold the vision, value, and motto of the University.

The Board of Governors has overall responsibility for the University and may determine all matters of University policy except those specifically assigned to the Senate. Board policies provide the consistent framework within which the University does business and include topics such as appointment of the President and senior academic and non-academic staff, financial matters including purchasing and presidential expenses, health and wellness and others.

Academic governance, via Senate policies, guides the lifecycle of students from applicant through to graduate. Student Health and Wellness supports as well as safety information are embedded throughout their time at BU.

In addition, general administrative policies exist that ensure consistent ethical business practices including Information Technology (Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy; Library and IT HelpDesk Code of Conduct and others), financial (Purchasing & Accounts Payable Manual; Travel and Business Expense Policy and others), Emergency procedures, and others.

Employees are guided through customer service/PSA requirements from recruitment and hiring within the terms and conditions of our Collective Agreements and through employee onboarding. Numerous learning and development and wellness opportunities are offered throughout the year in support of our unwavering and unambiguous commitment to diversity, inclusion and universal human rights.

Workplace safety and health policies and procedures are in place to keep students, community, faculty, and staff safe. A wealth of information is provided online at including Board policies general administrative policies, workplace safety, WHMIS, reporting incidents, and others. Training and development sessions are offered on a regular basis, such as WHMIS and Violence Prevention training.

Information on university policies, practices, and programs in support of the Public Service Act is provided in detail at and in the key areas noted below:

Area Website URL
Administrative Policies
Board of Governors
Board Policies
Conflict of Interest

This policy is referenced in many other policies.

Collective Agreements
Diversity & Human Rights
Employment Equity

Information Technology

Financial governance

Human Resources

Safety & Health
Senate Policies
Strategic Plan

Policies are reviewed and renewed on an as needed basis; a schedule is being developed to inform annual renewal. The University is in the process of developing several policies that will be brought to the Board for approval this fall, including an Indigenous Identity policy and a Public Interest Disclosure Act Policy.