About RDI

Welcome to the Rural Development Institute at Brandon University!

Our organization supports the well-being of rural communities through research, collaboration, and development. Based in rural Manitoba, RDI works with communities both within the province and beyond to address a wide range of issues related to rural well-being. 

Our research, policy, and development work covers various topics, including community assessment, capacity building, agriculture, climate change, immigration, digital technologies, economic development, and more. We aim to understand rural issues better and undertake development projects that contribute to policy-making in these areas.

At RDI, we prioritize community-based and applied research, meaning that we work directly with rural communities to gain a deep understanding of the challenges they face and develop tailored solutions. We collaborate with a wide range of organizations and researchers who share our commitment to rural well-being, including rural, northern, remote and Indigenous communities.

On campus, we work closely with fellow research centers at Brandon University and with the university’s researchers and students who are focused on rural issues. Off-campus, we collaborate with organizations from local to international to foster partnerships that enable us to make a meaningful impact on the lives of rural Manitobans and Canadians.

Thank you for your interest in the Rural Development Institute. We look forward to working with you to support rural communities across Manitoba and beyond.