Current Projects

Connect MB

As of this fall, RDI has partnered with the Internet Society, Manitoba Chapter and fellow researchers from across Canada to work towards building connectivity resources for rural communities. The world of technology is everchanging, and it is important to RDI that the work we engage in continues to be action-focused.

See the ConnectedMB Project Overview for more information.

The Immigration Initiative

The Rural Development Institute is collaborating on multiple research projects with organizations across the Westman region aimed at supporting immigrants, refugees and newcomers. This includes the Brandon Local Immigration Partnership (BLIP), Westman Immigration Services (WIS), Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organization (MANSO), and Migration in Remote and Rural Areas Network (MIRRA).

This multifaceted Initiative outlines multiple research projects focused on accompanying these organizations in the integration of new- and support of current- immigrants, refugees and newcomers.

See the Immigration Initiative for more details.

The Rural Development Institute and the Myera Group Project 

Myera Group is leading a project which aims to create infrastructure, capacity, and partnerships led by and with Indigenous communities. RDI is supporting this project with regard to community assessment and engagement.

See the Myera Project Overview for more information.

The Changing Nature of Rural Initiative 

The Rural Development Institute is working with the University of Winnipeg to build on a national literature review exploring the specific impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic through the inclusion of international perspectives. This is the first stage of the Initiative overall, and with a SSHRC Connection Grant currently in review, we hope to have more updates on this project in the months to follow. 

See the Changing Nature of Rural Project Overview for more information.