Rural Policy Learning Commons(RPLC)

Completion of the RPLC Project

The Rural Policy Learning Commons (RPLC) was a project made possible by a $2.5M Partnership Grant funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) with the Rural Development Institute (RDI) and Brandon University. Major objectives of the RPLC were to build rural capacity and strengthen relationships to inform rural research and policy. Some members focused on provincial and regional research while others concentrated on international comparative analysis through working relationships among institutions and individual partners.

This partnership concluded in 2021. The RPLC has facilitated a myriad of research projects, as well as supported countless emerging scholars and academics. With hopes to highlight some valuable components of the RPLC, members from different organizations across Canada have gathered virtually to commemorate the completion of the RPLC project!

The celebration not only addresses key advances the project has allowed for, but it provides a piece of recognition for different partnership organizations, faculty and students, as well as personal reflections from those who have been involved. While an hour could not possibly address the breadth of the RPLC project, we hope to share some valuable sentiments regarding the project as a whole.

Access the Video Celebration here!


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