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Motivations of SMEs in Hiring Newcomers – Factsheet
Akimowicz, Mikaël; Bryant, Ariel; Salmon, SherineAugust 2018
RDI 25th Anniversary Factsheets: Working Age Population
Rural Development InstituteJuly 2014
RDI Annual Report 2010-2012
Ashton (Bill), William; Rural Development InstituteSeptember 2013
Establishing roots beyond the perimeter: Immigrant retention strategies
Zehtab-Martin, AnisaApril 2012
Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers: Discussions with Rural Employers Report
Beattie, Marian; Marchand, Karen; Zehtab-Martin, AnisaOctober 2010
Rural Immigration; Welcoming, Settling and Retaining
Beattie, MarianDecember 2009
Small Places, Big Changes: Migration, Immigration & Demographic Change in Rural Canada
Annis, RobertJune 2009
Small Places, Big Changes: Temporary Migration, Immigration and Family Reunification
Annis, Robert; Bucklaschuk, Jill; Moss, AlisonApril 2009
Small Places, Big Changes: Temporary Migration & Immigration to Brandon, Manitoba
Annis, Robert; Moss, Alison; Rural Development InstituteMarch 2009
Separating Economic Measures from Economic Benefit
Bureau of StatisticsJune 2008
Temporary foreign workers and their impact on rural demographics
Annis, Robert; Bucklaschuk, Jill; Moss, AlisonOctober 2007
IMMIGRATION AND RURAL CANADA, Research and Practice (National Think Tank Report 2005)
Rural Development Institute; Silvius, RayJune 2005
Human Capital and Rural Development; What is the link?
Bollman, Ray D.April 1998
The impacts of ‘transitional’ foreign workers and increasing diversity in Brandon, Manitoba
Annis, Robert; Bucklaschuk, Jill; Moss, Alison