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Innovation Towards Smart Service Provision
Halseth, Greg; Ryser, LauraMay 2010
Socio-Economic Linkages Between Agriculture and Rural Communities in Western Canada
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Changing Rural Institutions – A Canadian Perspective
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A Stake in the North: Papers on Mining, Forestry and Remote Tourism Employment (ARRG Working Paper 9)
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NAFTA and the New Rural Economy; International Perspectives – ARRG Working Paper 10
Rounds, Richards .CApril 1997
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Stimulating Rural Economies for the 2000s: The Challenge for Rural Manufacturing and Tradable Services
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The Internal and Functional Restructuring of Rural Communities in Agro-Manitoba
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Stimulating Rural Economies for the 2000s: ARRG Working Paper 1992
Apedaile, Peter L.April 1992