Safety Around Campus

Our Campus tends to be a fairly safe place. We have a community of caring and watchful members. Although there are many we can turn to for support (see list below), you must also take responsibility for your own safety.

  • Carry only necessary cards and money.
  • Avoid stopping to provide strangers with directions or information, especially at night.
  • Do not share private/personal information (phone number, address, email, cell #, etc.) of friends or acquaintances at any time, without their permission.
  • Avoid jogging alone late at night, or walking through trails or poorly lit areas.
  • Don’t prop doors open.
  • Don’t lend your keys out to friends. Report lost or stolen keys immediately to Campus Security.
  • Avoid leaving your room/home unlocked.
  • Question people who don’t look like they belong. Report any suspicious persons on campus to Campus Security immediately.
  • Walk with someone to your car, especially at night.
  • Develop a buddy system to go grocery shopping, to walk to and from class etc.
  • Walk in well-lit areas. Don’t take shortcuts – the shortest route is not always the safest route.
  • Avoid studying in isolated classrooms or in areas of the campus that are infrequently patrolled, with little or no traffic, and in places difficult to access.
  • Do not study in stairwells, doorways, and locker alcoves.
  • Do not wear a personal stereo system or play music so loudly that you are not aware of your surroundings.


On Campus

  • Emergency Blue Phones
    Brandon University has four Emergency Blue Phones on campus.  The phones are located outside on the following buildings:

    • On the north side of the Knowles-Douglas Student’s Union Building
    • On the north side of the A.E. McKenzie Building
    • On the west side of the George T. Richardson Building
    • On the south side of the Brandon University Gymnasium

    The phones can be used by anyone who feels they are in danger, or if they  they believe someone else is being endangered.

  • Student Services Counsellors: 727-9737
  • Security: 727-9700


  • Police – General 729-2345
    1340 10th Street
  • Emergency 911
  • Mobile Crisis Unit 24 hour help line: 725-4411
  • Brandon Regional Health Centre – Emergency
    150 McTavish Ave. East
  • Westman Women’s Shelter (24 hour crisis line): 77-3644
  • If you feel unsafe, vulnerable, loss of control over your life – TELL SOMEONE
  • If you have experienced or are experiencing harassment, unwanted attention, unsafe and potentially violent or violent situations/threats – TELL SOMEONE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FIGURE THIS OUT ALONE.

Sources: Counselling Department, Brandon University
Campus Security, Simon Fraser University

Get Home Safely

  • Don’t walk or jog alone at night.
  • Walk confidently, making eye contact with oncoming pedestrians.
  • Stay in well-lit areas. Stay near people. Plan your route to avoid vacant lots, alleys, parks, bushes or unlit areas.
  • Have your key ready before approaching your car or door.
  • Carry only necessary credit cards and money.
  • Never resist armed robbery: personal safety is more important than property. Carry some small bills separate from the rest of your money and credit cards to appease muggers who may resort to violence at finding no reward for their efforts. If the thief presses the attack, give up your wallet.
  • Don’t stop to provide strangers with directions or information, especially at night.
  • Don’t play music on your personal stereo so that you can’t hear what is going one around you.
  • Don’t openly wear expensive jewelry that muggers may want.
  • If attacked, make lots of noise. Perhaps use a loud whistle or personal protection alarm.
  • If someone in a car is following you, go in the opposite direction or to a safe place.
  • Never pursue a thief. Call for help and contact the Brandon City Police (call 911).
  • If you suspect that you are being followed: Keep looking behind you so the person knows you cannot be surprised; cross the street or change direction; go to a well-lit area, enter a building; knock on the door of a house with lights on (especially if it displays a “Block Parent” sign); in other words, go anywhere there are people and phones; at the first opportunity, request help (from just about anyone); notice and remember as much as possible about the person following you (especially clothes, facial features, height, build, hair colour); report the incident to the Brandon Police Service (in emergency 911: non-emergency: 729-2345)

If you wish to discuss any concerns around your personal safety, call 727-9737 for an appointment with our Student Services counsellors.

For further information on personal safety, contact the Community Services Section of Brandon Police Services at 729-2317.

YWCA Westman Women’s Shelter (24 hour Crisis Line): 727-3644