OUCH!? On-University Care & Health

BU is committed to incident prevention, however, if an incident does occur, it is important to know where to go for HELP!

If you are a Worker, Student on Campus, Student on Practicum, BUFA member, or an HLC member/visitor that has been injured in any way, you must first complete the WORKPLACE SAFETY & HEALTH HAZARD & INCIDENT REPORTING FORM.  Contact the WSH Advisor at BUSafety@brandonu.ca if you require assistance in completing the form.

After completing the form, if you sought medical attention due to an injury or illness, or lost time from work, you may also need to complete:

WCB (Worker’s Compensation Board of Manitoba Employee Report)

Thank you for reporting hazards and incidents.

With your help in reporting, BU can become aware and show we care by working at addressing safety and health issues.

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Workers may be a part of one of the following unions: MGEU, PSAC, IUOE(D) or IUOE(A).

Campus Medical Clinic Services – Campus Medical Clinic Services | Student Services (brandonu.ca)