Senate Membership

2023-2024 Senate

Chancellor: Mary Jane McCallum (term expires 2024)

President & Chair: David Docherty

Provost and Vice President (Academic): Kofi Campbell

Vice President (Administration & Finance): Scott Lamont

Deputy Minister of Education & Training or designate:  Grant Prairie (Director of Post-Secondary Education Programs)

Deans and Directors:

  • Acting Dean of Arts: Balfour Spence
  • Acting Dean of Science: Christophe LeMoine
  • Dean of Education: Heather Duncan (June meeting only); TBD
  • Dean of Music: Greg Gatien
  • Acting Dean of Health Studies: Linda Ross
  • Dean of Students: Katie Whelpton
  • Director of Educational Technology: Curt Shoultz
  • Chief Information Officer: Melanie Sucha

Representative Appointed by the Board of Governors:

  • Barbara MacKalski

One Representative Elected by Each Faculty or School:

  • Faculty of Arts: Doug Ramsey (term expires 2025)
  • Faculty of Science: Bryan Hill (term expires 2025)
  • Faculty of Education: TBE
  • School of Music: TBE
  • Faculty of Health Studies: Kathryn Chachula (term expires 2025)

Six Professors or Associate Professors:
(elected by professors, associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers)

  • Alysha Farrell (term expires 2024)
  • Rory Lucyshyn-Wright (term expires 2024)
  • Eftihia Mihelakis (term expires 2024)
  • Lisa Robson (term expires 2024)
  • TBE
  • TBE

Two Assistant Professors or Lecturers:
(elected by faculty at large)

  • TBE
  • TBE

One Professional Associate:
(elected by Professional Associates)

  • Michelle Magnusson (term expires 2023)

Students Elected by the Student Body:

  • BUSU Representative: Chukwuanugo Okudo
  • Arts Senator: Emmanuel Brody Burr
  • Science Senator:
  • Health Studies: Chidimma Joy Chikezie
  • Education Senator: Dzigbordzi Mabel
  • Music Senator:
  • Two Senators at Large: Linden Haubrick, Taylor Holland

Secretary of Senate: Ms. Andrea McDaniel

(Effective June 13, 2023)