Senate Membership

Chancellor: Mr. M. Decter (term expires October 31, 2021)

Interim President:(Chair) Dr. S. Robinson

Acting, Vice President (Academic & Provost): Dr. M. Serfaty

Vice President (Administration & Finance): Mr. S. Lamont

Deputy Minister of Education & Training: (or designate) Director of Post-Secondary Education Programs:  Mr. G. Prairie

Deans and Directors:

  • Dean of Arts: Dr. D. Tryphonopoulos
  • Dean of Science: Dr. B. Ardelli
  • Dean of Education: Dr. H. Duncan
  • Dean of Music: Mr. G. Gatien
  • Dean of Health Studies: Dr. D. Care
  • Acting, Dean of Students: Ms. K. Gross
  • Director of Educational Technology: N/A
  • University Librarian: Ms. B. Braaksma
  • University Registrar: Ms. A. McDaniel

Appointed By the Board of Governors:


One Representative Elected By Each Faculty or School:

  • Faculty of Arts: Dr. D. Smid (term expires 2019)
  • Faculty of Science: Dr. G. Srivastava (term expires 2019)
  • Faculty of Education: Dr. C. Beeman (term expires 2019)
  • School of Music: Dr. M. Cain (term expires 2018) (Board of Governors – term expires 2018)
  • Faculty of Health Studies: Vacant

Six Professors or Associate Professors
(elected by professors, associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers)

  • Dr. E. Bach (term expires 2018)
  • Mr. J. Lindsay (term expires 2018)
  • Mr. M. Malazdrewicz (term expires 2019)
  • Dr. H. Mumin (term expires 2018) (Board of Governors – term expires 2019)
  • Ms. K. Ryan-Nichols (term expires 2018)
  • Dr. L. Ross (term expires 2019)

Two Assistant Professors or Lecturers:
(elected by faculty at large)

  • Dr. N. Ek (term expires 2019)
  • Dr. B. Ntelioglou (term expires 2018)

One Professional Associate:
(elected by professional associates)

  • Ms. S. Lee (term expires 2019)

Students Elected By the Student Body

  • BUSU Representative: Mr. N. Brown
  • Arts Senator: Ms. L. Davidson
  • Science Senator: Ms. E. Simon
  • Health Studies: Ms. M. Stade
  • Education Senator: Vacant
  • Music Senator: Vacant
  • Two Senators at Large: Ms. S. Blackbird & Ms. W. Hodgins