RESPECT Campaign

Respect Pass it AlongRESPECT Campaign

An essential part of being a leading university of choice for students, faculty, and staff is ensuring a positive, healthy, and inclusive work and learning environment where members of the campus community thrive.  As we continue to engage the campus in initiatives that align with the priorities identified from the 2014 Guarding Minds Survey results, Brandon University is excited to launch its RESPECT Campaign in 2016.

The RESPECT Campaign strives to initiate dialogue and develop an understanding of what ‘respect’ means to members of the campus community and how we can all work together in making it an integral part of our campus culture.  The campaign aims to reinforce and build on established efforts that continue to foster a working and learning environment where:

  • members of the campus community show esteem, care and consideration for one another; acknowledging the dignity of others,
  • engage in open dialogue and debate within a framework of mutual respect,
  • and principles of diversity and inclusion are reflected in all aspects of campus life

The various elements of the campaign are intended to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, tools and resources necessary for ensuring an environment and culture of respect.

Learn more about the RESPECT Campaign timeline and initiatives for 2016.