Jessica Snure

What education have you taken?

I attended secondary school in Brandon, at Crocus Plains Regional High School. This summer I am graduating with my three year Bachelor of Science degree. I attended a five week French language program in the University of Montreal.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

Out of high school I received the Sokol Award, the PEO Chapter U for Women scholarship and an entrance scholarship from BU for my first year of studies.

This will be my third year being part of the Relay for Life. In 2013 I participated in the Mud Run for the MS society which was such an amazing experience. My nephew and I donned crazy costumes and ran the 10K, and all the funds we made went directly to the MS Society.

Tell me about yourself.

I am the youngest of 6 siblings, the only one that was born in Canada (the rest of my family is all from the US). I have lived in Brandon all my life.

I took lessons in flute for five years, guitar for two and have taught myself to play piano. I also really enjoy going to the gym and doing yoga. I just recently started taking kickboxing classes.

How did you become interested in your field of study?

I am interested in becoming an Occupational Therapist. I have three nephews that have autism, the youngest of which I was able to attend OT sessions with – seeing the difference in him makes me want to help others. When he was three, he gave me a hug for the first time and it brought me to tears that he was able to make that transition from being not able to show affection because it was too much for him, to giving me a hug.

What is your philosophy in life?

My philosophy in life is to try and find happiness within yourself. When you are happy, it radiates and makes people around you happy too. And always smile. You never know whose day you will make by just smiling at them.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I hope to see myself with a family. Family has always been so important to me, and I am looking forward to having children of my own, while also being able to spend time with my siblings and their children.

Nominator’s comments:

Jessica Snure is an excellent student and a very bright young woman. She is a fine and level-headed young lady and a very hard worker. She is an excellent student in French. She also finds time to mark papers in Psychology – one of her three jobs.