Writing Skills Workshops

Workshops are open to all BU students (returning students welcome!). Pre-registration is not necessary.

Essay Basics

  • Monday September 9, 1:40-2:30
  • Tuesday September 10, 12:40-1:30
  • Wednesday September 18, 9:30-10:20
  • Thursday September 26, 10:10-11:00
  • Monday October 7, 10:40-11:30
  • Tuesday October 22, 12:40-1:30

After this workshop, students should be able to identify the basic parts of the essay (introduction, body, conclusion) and describe how they function. Along with the basic structure this workshop will cover the following: purpose of the essay, selecting and narrowing a topic, levels of English and use of scholarly language, formulating a thesis statement (brief introduction), evidence and how is it used, and how to access additional resources both on campus and online.

Grammar Basics

  • Wednesday October 2, 12:40-1:30
  • Thursday October 10, 9:00-9:50
  • Wednesday October 23, 1:40-2:30
  • Tuesday October 29, 12:40-1:30

After this workshop, students should be aware of the most common grammar errors that students make, and have some strategies for how to address these errors. The areas covered will include, but are not limited to comma splice errors, pronouns and agreement, active vs passive voice, proper use of apostrophe, and accessing grammar resources.

Citation Basics (APA, MLA, and Chicago)

  • Monday September 23, 1:40-2:30
  • Tuesday October 1, 1:40-2:30
  • Wednesday October 9, 10:40-11:30
  • Thursday October 24, 11:40-12:30

Following this workshop, students should demonstrate a basic knowledge of the three most common citation styles used at BU: APA, MLA, and Chicago. Students will see examples of all three styles including in-text citations and Reference, Works Cited, and Bibliography pages. The instructor will highlight online resources and discuss the link between proper citations and academic honesty. We will discuss the strengths and limitations of citation generators, such as EasyBib, RefWorks, and others.

Thesis Statement Basics

  • Thursday September 19, 10:10-11:00
  • Wednesday September 25, 11:40-12:30
  • Monday September 30, 9:30-10:20
  • Tuesday October 8, 11:40-12:30

This workshop will cover basic aspects of thesis construction, placement, and development. Students will be encouraged to evaluate sample thesis statements to determine their potential effectiveness.

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