Alumni Association

The Association’s purpose is to create a strong alumni network, building lifelong relationships with the University, in support of the University’s mission. The Alumni Association represents the interest of all alumni of the University, and encourages and assists with alumni engagement in Canada and around the world.

Board of Directors

  • President – Mr. Rhoni Mohanraj
  • Vice-President – vacant
  • Member – Ms Sheree Blacksmith
  • Member Mr. Scott Hayward
  • Member – Mr. Chris Hunt
  • Member – Ms Myrem Phillips
  • Member – Mr. Kayvon Razzaghi
  • Member – Ms Meghan Richards
  • Member – Mr. Joel Springer
  • Member – Ms Iris Wang

Ex-Officio Voting Members

  • Brandon University President and Vice-Chancellor – Dr. David Docherty
  • BUFA Representative – Mr. Trent Gill
  • BUSU Representative – Mr. Linden Haubrick

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members

  • Director, Advancement & Alumni Affairs – Ms Carla Eisler
  • Advancement Officer – Nick Brown