Words with Dignity

Language is powerful. Use respectful terms when referencing persons with disabilities.

If in doubt, ask.

person with diabetes, arthritis, etc. afflicted with, suffers from
person with a disability the disabled, the handicapped
person with a mental illness, person with a mental health issue mentally ill, insane, crazy, psychotic
person who is hard of hearing, person who is Deaf the Deaf
person who is Deaf-Blind Deaf and dumb, Deaf mute
person with Downs Syndrome, person with an intellectual disability, person with a developmental disability Downs,imbecile, mentally retarded, mentally challenged
person who is blind, person who is visually impaired the blind
person who stutters, person with a communication disability stutterer, speech handicapped
person with a mobility disability, person with a spinal cord injury physically challenged, crippled
person who uses a wheelchair confined to a wheelchair, wheelchair bound
accessible parking, accessible washrooms handicapped parking, handicapped washrooms
person without a disability normal

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