Archaeology Field School

Summer 2017July 4 to August 21, 2017

The Brandon University Archaeological Field School (12:342) is a six (6)-credit course in archaeological field methods.  Students in the program will receive basic training in archaeological field and lab methods, as well as practical experience under typical fieldwork conditions.

This year, the excavation component will be held at a site along the Souris River, just outside of Souris, Manitoba. It is situated in pasture land and surrounded by small valleys, rolling hills and trees. The deposit containing artifacts is about 40 cm thick; one radiocarbon date of 330 +/- 140 years has been obtained from a piece of bone. This site is special because it contains in situ deposits of Late Precontact artifacts that are usually found in disturbed contexts. In particular, the pottery is unusual because it does not easily fit into any previously defined typology. Some vessels seem to reflect a combination of styles that were made 100s of years earlier, in particular Blackduck and Duck Bay. We would hope the material remains recovered through the field school will clearly indicate who lived there, when they lived there, what they did at the site and how they interacted with their neighbours in other parts of southwest Manitoba. This site is special because it has the potential to greatly enhance our understanding of the people who lived in the area but it is threatened by erosion due to recent flooding events.