Where to Meet

During the first week of field school, students will meet ONLINE via Zoom (Monday, May 3 to Thursday, May 6) and IN PERSON at Brandon University (Friday, May 7).  In person classes will be held in the basement of the library building (George T. Richardson Building) room TBA.  Online classes will begin at 08h30 starting Monday May 3rd. The class on Friday, May 7th will be in person.


Starting Monday May 10th, students will meet at Brandon University and be driven to the excavation site by the class instructor. There is a short hike to get from the vehicle to the dig site and back. Students will be driven back to Brandon University at the end of each day.

What to Pack


  • gardening/work gloves
  • hat with brim or bandanna
  • sunglasses
  • rain gear (i.e., rain jacket, pants) as necessary
  • work socks (to tuck your pants into)
  • jeans or light weight pants
  • tank tops/t-shirts with long sleeved button-up shirts
  • work boots or hiking boots (no open-toed shoes)
  • sweater/sweat shirt, polar fleece or light weight jacket (for cooler days)
  • facemasks


  • sun screen
  • insect repellent
  • water bottle
  • lunch and snacks


Brandon University Ancillary Services offers accommodation to students taking Brandon University courses in the Spring Term. For more information, please visit the residence website.

For More Information

Contact Mary Malainey or the Archaeology Field School Director

Email: malaineym@brandonu.ca