About Biology

Biology is the science of life. In the Department of Biology we offer courses and degree programs that deal with the scientific study of animals and plants, as well as fungi and other microbial life, and medical biology. It is an exciting, dynamic field that examines all aspects of life, from how organisms work at the cellular and molecular level, to their ecology and evolution. It includes the study of the estimated 30 million species currently living on the earth as well as the millions of other species that have gone extinct.

Included within the scope of biology are subdisciplines such as anatomy, physiology, cell & molecular biology, bioinformatics, genetics, ecology, parasitology, evolution, paleontology, developmental biology, and immunology. These subdivisions, in turn, provide the fundamental knowledge on which the biomedical professions (e.g. medicine, dentistry, optometry) are based, as well as for careers in agriculture, wildlife biology and environmental science.

Information about our degree programs can be found on the Programs page.

Information about pre-professional programs, such as Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, and Veterinary Medicine can also be found on the Programs page, and in section 9 of the BU General Calendar.

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