Research Laboratories And Other Facilities

The Environmental Science laboratories

(located in the basement of the J.R. Brodie Science Bld)

The Environmental Science Labs (ESL) supports research by Biology Dept. Faculty members and research training for students in both soil biology and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. The ESL includes an Olympus fluorescence microscopy suite, state of the art analytical instrumentation for analyzing soil and plant tissues, and a Conviron™ growth chamber. Visit the Environmental Science Laboratory website for more information


Workshop – Mosses of the Manitoba peatlands east of Winnipeg

The Mycology Research Laboratory

The Mycology Research Laboratory is a Level II Containment facility housing equipment to characterize vertebrate-associated microfungi. It is equipped for faculty conducting research in molecular systematics and includes the following CFI-funded infrastructure:

  • Applied Biosystems 3100 Genetic Analyzer
  • Applied Biosystems GeneAmp PCR 9700 Thermocyclers (2)
  • Labconco Freeze Drier
  • Forma Biosafety Cabinet
  • IEC Centra Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • IEC Refrigerated Microcentrifuge
  • The following infrastructure is housed in the labs of other faculty or in the shared service area:
    • Nikon Eclipse E400 Fluorescent Compound Microscope (Ahmad laboratory)
    • Forma Incubator Shaker (Ardelli laboratory)
    • Geringe Castle Autoclave (shared services)
    • Scotsman Ice Machine (shared services)
    • Synegene GeneGenius Gel Documentation System (shared services)

The Functional Genomics Laboratory

The functional genomics facility is equipped for faculty engaged in basic and clinical research in areas of gene expression and genotyping. The facility contains a variety of tools for performing genomic studies including a Rotor-Gene? 6000.

Applications such as gene expression analysis, determination of viral load, detection of genetically modified organisms, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis, genotyping and allelic discrimination are possible.

As well, the laboratory is dedicated to the support of in vitro cell culture and contains a biological safety cabinet that is certified to handle agents requiring a level 2 biocontainment.

Other Research Facilities

The Department also has a boat for work on waterways, aquaria and a breeding colony of zebrafish (Danio rerio), and equipment for ecological research and environmental sampling (limnology, forest and grassland ecology, environmental measurements).

Departmental members may also use facilities at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in northern Manitoba, and use facilities at the Brandon Research Station (Agriculture & Agri-Foods Canada) through collaborations with researchers at the BRS.

Field-based research opportunities are available 20km south of the campus at the Brandon Hills Wildlife Management Area, 60km east at Spruce Woods Provincial Park, and 100km north in Riding Mountain National Park.

Brandon Hills