Business Administration

Business Administration has four major goals. They are:

  • To prepare students for professional careers in Business Administration;
  • To prepare students for further study in Business and Management;
  • To foster analytical, written and oral skills and attitudes essential for success in the business world;
  • To graduate students who are knowledgeable about the historical, economic, political and philosophical context in which individuals, businesses and societies function.

If you are interested in a career in:

  • Accountancy,
  • Banking and the Financial sector,
  • Federal or Provincial Governments, Crown Corporations,
  • Private businesses in the Retail/Service or Manufacturing sectors,
  • Farm and Agri-business,
  • Small Business and Enterprise Management, or
  • Management of the Health Care Administration Services;

A program in Business Administration from Brandon University could be valuable to you.

Students wishing to pursue the new Chartered Professional Accountant designation are able to take all required prerequisite courses at Brandon University, as part of a 4-year Business degree. Additional information on pursuing your CPA can be found at the following link: Preparing for the CPA designation at Brandon University.

Brandon University has long had an enviable reputation both in Canada and abroad for excellence in education in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Education and Music. The programs in Business Administration have been designed recognizing and building on this strength.

The distinguishing feature of the Department is the ample opportunity provided for students to combine their program of choice in Business Administration with a solid exposure to the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The course of study, especially the courses comprising the Business core, offers a balanced yet rigorous exposure to the main functional areas of Business Administration. The core forms the springboard for advanced study in particular areas of interest to the student in Business Administration. It is also the foundation upon which the student can build additional courses emphasizing the Liberal Arts such as English, History, Political Science, Languages, Native Studies, Religion and Philosophy; the Sciences such as Mathematics, Geography, Psychology, and the Social Sciences such as Sociology and Economics.

The Department of Business Administration offers programs leading to a:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.);
  • Bachelor of Arts (Four Year) General, with a Major in Business Administration;
  • Bachelor of Arts (Three Years), with a Major in Business Administration;
  • Minor in Business Administration which can be combined with a Major in the subject area of the student’s choice.

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