Preparing for the CPA designation at Brandon University

The Business Administration course offerings at Brandon University have been evaluated to ensure students are able to meet the prerequisite content for entrance into the CPA program while completing a degree at Brandon University.  Please note that the CPA designation does require students to complete a 4-year degree to be eligible for admission.

Students are able to complete all required content at Brandon University in order to gain admission into the CPA program.  The list of required courses is broken down below into two sections.  The first consists of courses that Business students must already complete to earn their business degrees, the second lists CPA requirements also required as part of a 4-year Business Administration degree:

  • 16:151  Financial Accounting
  • 16:170  Introduction to Information Technology
  • 16:180  Introduction to Information Management
  • 16:252  Managerial Accounting
  • 16:278  Business Finance
  • 16:292  Management
  • 16:391  Operations Management
  • 16:396  Strategic Management
  • 22:131  Principles of Economics
  • 62:171  Statistics

CPA requirements available to be taken as electives as part of a 4-year Business Administration degree:

  • 16:253  Intermediate Accounting – Assets
  • 16:254  Intermediate Accounting – Equities
  • 16:293  Business Law 1
  • 16:294  Business Law 2
  • 16:352  Cost Accounting
  • 16:355  Auditing
  • 16:356  Taxation
  • 16:453  Advanced Financial Accounting
  • 16:459  Advanced Taxation
  • 16:478  Corporation Finance
  • 62:172  Statistical Inference

Careful planning is needed to ensure all 11 of these electives are completed within the 120 credit hours of a 4-year degree.  Students wishing to pursue the CPA designation can direct questions to

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