Scholarship Opportunities

This web page is currently under construction, and we hope to have the business scholarships listed here. In the meantime, you can access information on all available scholarships on the Scholarships page of the General University Calendar

A variety of Brandon University scholarships are available to students enrolled in business courses at Brandon University. The conditions attached to each scholarship are determined by the donor, so these conditions vary from scholarship to scholarship, and it is necessary to check the scholarship information for any particular scholarship that you believe you may be eligible for.

There are two categories of scholarships at Brandon University. The first category consists of scholarships that must be applied for by the students. If there is no qualified applicant, the scholarship is not given out for that year. Please make sure you check these scholarships carefully and apply if you meet the criteria. Everyone is much happier if these scholarships are given out!

The second category of scholarships are based solely on academic performance, and can be awarded without application by the eligible students. An administrative problem has arisen here as many of these scholarships require that the students are enrolled as Business Administration majors or minors. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students must still declare a major in business in order to be eligible for such scholarships. Check your transcripts and make sure you have declared a business major. First year students are not required to declare a major, but those expecting to declare a business major should do so earlier rather than later, so that they are eligible for all the scholarships available.

Scholarships Based Solely on Academic Performance

Cecil E. Leech Scholarship

Awarded to a Bachelor of Arts students who is majoring in Business Administration. The student must have completed three of the four marketing courses: 16:261 Marketing Fundamentals; 16:365 Consumer Behaviour; 16:367 Marketing Management; and 16:368 Marketing Research. The Scholarship wil be awarded to the student with the highest overall g.p.a. in three of the four marketing courses listed above and have a minimum of 2.5 c.g.p.a.