Concept Plan

The Concept Plan is a comprehensive illustration of the Campus Master Plan Frameworks and supportive policies and is to be used as a guide for future campus development. It reflects the design intent and direction set forth in the Vision and Planning Principles.

Further recommendations are outlined in the Plan Frameworks and timelines are proposed in the Implementation section.

The Plan

As a whole, the plan reflects a compact, walkable, pedestrian oriented and accessible campus.

Specifically, the Plan reflects a physical campus structure that is defined by the following:

The Plan supports opportunities for quality architecture, placemaking, and sustainability that builds identity and defines BU as a unique, welcoming, and distinct place.

South Campus Sector

The South Campus Sector includes the area between Victoria Avenue and Louise Avenue, spanning the width of the campus from 18th Street to 20th Street. This encompasses the existing Healthy Living Centre as well as the Jeff Umphrey Centre and the athletic field.

Ⓐ New Campus Buildings:

Ⓑ Enhanced Recreational Field:

Mixed Use Structured Parking Facility:

New Pathways, Courtyards, and Plaza Spaces:

A Pedestrian Oriented Street:


West Campus Sector

The West Campus Sector focuses on the area along 20th Street, from Princess Avenue to Louise Avenue. This includes current parking lots as well as the Queen Elizabeth II music building and the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium.

New Campus Buildings:

A Pedestrian Oriented Street:

New Pathways, Courtyards, and Plaza Spaces:

Mixed-Use Structured Parking Facility:

Enhanced North South Pedestrian route:


East Campus Sector

The East Campus Sector includes most of the existing main buildings on campus, encompassing both the 18th Street frontage and the central courtyard and access areas between Princess Avenue and Louise Avenue.

Retrofitting Existing Buildings:

Ⓛ The North South Pedestrian Spine:

Ⓜ︎ A Welcoming, Accessible, and Attractive Frontage Along 18th Street:

Ⓝ A Pedestrian Friendly 18th Street


Details of the Concept Plan

The Concept Plan provides a comprehensive overview of the Campus Master Plan to guide future campus development. More details are set out in in the Plan Frameworks with timelines proposed in the Implementation section.

Plan Frameworks

Comprehensive policies that guide the development of built form (the buildings), open space, and movement networks in line with the objectives outlined in the Campus Master Plan.

Plan Frameworks


The Campus Master Plan reflects the recommended long-term development of Brandon University’s Main Campus, and improves buildings and open spaces in an ongoing and simultaneous approach.