The Plan

The Vision and Planning Principles for our Campus Master Plan were developed in collaboration with the University community during public engagement events. Then, with additional engagement and consultation, the Concept Plan and Plan Frameworks were developed based on the guidance of these Vision and Planning Principles. In addition, a series of design themes emerged through the engagement process that influenced the Plan. These themes are a response to the direction provided by the Vision and Principles.

The Vision and Principles are an important tool, as they are intended to provide guidance throughout the evolution of the Plan. As such, they should be reviewed and updated at regular intervals throughout the Plan’s implementation process.

Master Plan Vision

The Vision will help to inspire and guide decision-making as BU looks ahead to the future of its Campus.

The Brandon University campuses will be student-centered and experiential-learning environments that facilitate innovation, teaching and learning, research, recreation, and socialization within a unique University District. It will maintain the “small-town” feel as a welcoming, accessible, and community-oriented place, where diversity and culture is embraced and celebrated. It will be a high-quality environment in Brandon with state-of-the-art facilities, spaces, and services that create an inspiring place, new opportunities for learning, and for community partnerships and initiatives. Brandon University will be central to the community and city, adding value to the quality of life for community members and partners.



Nine Planning Principles were developed to provide a foundation for design work, policies, and related recommendations in the Campus Master Plan, and to guide the development of the Concept Plan and Plan Frameworks.

Planning Principles

Concept Plan

The Concept Plan is a comprehensive illustration of the Campus Master Plan Frameworks and supportive policies and is to be used as a guide for future campus development. The Plan reflects a compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented and accessible campus. It reflects the design intend and direction set forth in the Vision and Planning Principles.

Concept Plan