A Living Document

The Campus Master Plan is intended to be a living document, written and structured to provide Brandon University with a flexible decision-making framework to accommodate specific opportunities and needs as they emerge over a 20 to 30 year time horizon.

It is anticipated that some aspects of the Plan, like the Campus, will continue to evolve and change over time but it is critical that through this process, the Plan remains true to its Vision, Principles, and Plan Frameworks. Some aspects of the Plan that may evolve include the specific use, height, and architecture of individual buildings. Other aspects should not evolve, or deviate, from this Plan. The building massing and open space typologies, for example, are designed to provide a balance between built form and open space, allow for the highest degree of accessibility and walkability, allow for the most efficient use of the Campus lands, and support the Plan’s Vision overall.

The Brandon University Campus Master Plan as a Living Document:

  • The Campus Master Plan is approved as University policy by the Board of Governors and maintained as an effective development directive through continuity of responsibility, consistent application, and regular updating and review.
  • The Vision, Principles and Frameworks, are approved as University Policy by the Board of Governors.
  • Applying the Campus Master Plan – Continuity and Interpretation – Facilities Management is to ensure that every project is measured against the Campus Master Plan at all stages of the project development and approval process. A Campus Master Plan Implementation Committee may be established as part of the implementation process as the review and governing body for the University.
  • Updating the Campus Master Plan – The Plan is structured to respond to changing needs over time and therefore requires periodic updating which can occur in two ways: through a Plan Amendment Process, and through a General Review Process, recommended to take place every five years.

Ongoing Engagement

As the Plan evolves, it is critical that the University community and stakeholders continue to be involved in conversations about its implementation and updates. This continued engagement and collaboration between the University and the rest of Brandon is an important aspect of the Plan’s successful evolution over time as it will help ensure the Vision, Principles, Frameworks, and Implementation Strategy continues to meet BU’s mission and values, as well as the needs and priorities of students, staff, faculty, surrounding community, and visitors of the Campus as it evolves. In particular, continued engagement with the City of Brandon, as well as the Indigenous Community leaders is critical to the development of the Vision over time.


  • The University should liaise with the City Planning staff on a regular basis to maintain an ongoing relationship and dialogue regarding the advancement of the Plan and to increase the University’s familiarity with the City’s Planning Approvals process.
  • The University should maintain regular conversations with the Brandon Indigenous Education Committee of Senate, the Brandon Urban Aboriginal Peoples’ Council, and the Brandon University Aboriginal Student Council regarding the evolution of the Plan and the cultural and physical Indigenization of the Campus.


Administering & Monitoring the Plan

The Campus Master Plan should figure prominently in the University’s planning processes. It should be referred to throughout all development planning and design processes and all decisions regarding the physical form and ongoing management of the Campus should be consistent with the Plan and make reference to it.


Campus Space Plan Summary

The physical areas within the Campus’ buildings need be considered to achieve an understanding of the potential future build out plan. To support the development of the Plan, a Campus Space Planning study was undertaken.

Campus Space Plan

Development Phasing

The Campus Master Plan reflects the recommended long-term development of Brandon University’s Main Campus, and improves buildings and open spaces in an ongoing and simultaneous approach that is in keeping with the Vision and Guiding Principles.


Strategic Partnerships

Certain components of this Plan may be implemented in partnership with private entities, including businesses, government, organizations or other outside groups.

Strategic Partnerships

Supporting Studies

Along with the completed Campus Space Plan, other studies may help inform the Campus Master Plan.

Supporting Studies