Plan Frameworks

The Plan Frameworks are the policies that guide the comprehensive development of built form (the buildings), open space, and movement networks in line with the objectives outlined in this document. The policies provide a framework that mandates the development of a quality environment represented in both the built form and the open spaces. It will guide the longterm implementation of the Plan in keeping with the Vision.

Built Form Framework

The Built Form Framework provides a structure for new building development on campus, envisioned to be implemented over a 20 to 30 year horizon.

Built Form

Open Space Framework

The Open Space Framework fosters a walking and cycling environment toward the health and wellness of the University and Brandon community.

Open Space

Movement Framework

The Movement Framework supports the evolution of Brandon University in becoming an accessible, multi-modal place that puts the pedestrian first.


Indigenization of the Campus

Brandon University continues to embrace the opportunity to inclusively and collaboratively engage with its Indigenous community and aims to provide a strong sense of belonging and identity within the Campus.


Campus Locations

Brandon University has identified various opportunities to grow its physical footprint to neighbouring or satellite sites, to increase the opportunities for the University and the wider community.