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The workplace is evolving. Co-op is your competitive edge in a complex world. Let us guide you through.

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We Believe in the Power of Work

There’s more to a person than a resume or job title. People bring a collection of skills, passions and experiences to every new position. Whether you are a student looking to take your education to the next step, or an employer searching for new talent, Brandon University Co-op will connect you with great career opportunities and candidates just right for you.

That’s because Co-op is not a job-placement program, but rather, a learner-centric model giving students and employers an enriched experience putting academic knowledge through real-world applications.

Brandon University Co-operative Education Program formally integrates paid work terms between regular academic sessions to apply concepts and theories, broadening students’ academic and professional experiences. As a member of the Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL Canada), we subscribe to the following criteria:

  • Each work term is developed in partnership with the employer and approved by the Co-operative Education Program as a suitable learning environment.
  • Students engage in productive work for which they receive remuneration.
  • The Co-op curriculum supports student learning goals, personal evaluation and reflection.
  • Students’ performance in the workplace is supervised and evaluated by their employer.
  • Student’s progress during their work term is monitored by the Co-operative Education Office.
  • Both work and academic terms are full-time and follow a formalized sequence.
  • A work term is defined as a minimum of 12 weeks (or 420 hours) to 16 weeks full-time paid experience.
  • Co-op programs begin and end with an academic term.

Co-op Students complete the normal academic curriculum while integrating three work terms into their program. Each work term is developed and monitored by the employer and Brandon University. Each Co-op work term is evaluated as a suitable learning opportunity by the University and students continue to interact with the University for the duration of their employment. Each 4 month work term is registered as a Co-op Work Term course and a non-refundable 3-credit course fee applies. Courses are evaluated on a pass/fail basis. Upon successful completion of all program criteria, the Co-op Education designation will appear on the student’s academic transcript and degree parchment.