Learn & Earn

Career crafting is a lot of work. How do you find that role that matches your skills and your passions? With Co-op, you’ll get a head start test-driving your future profession. You get to apply the concepts and theories you’ve learned in the classroom to relevant, real-world situations. We’re committed to finding you a position that not only helps you achieve your career goals but fits your unique personality.

Enrich your knowledge of the workplace, grow your professional network and transition from university to career.  We’ll provide insight and guidance to help you along on your way.

Get experience

You need experience to get a job. But you need a job to get experience. Co-op gives you both. Awesome.

Make money

Short on time and money?  Maximize and learn while you earn. Three words:
Paid Work Terms.

Get in the door

Maybe you just need someone to give you a chance. Co-op connects you with great jobs and employers.

Working With You

How does Co-op work?

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. In order to participate in Co-op work terms, you must have full-time enrollment status in order to participate in Co-op. This means that you must be fulltime prior to and immediately following each of your work terms. This is part of the typical work/study sequence. To help illustrate, here’s a sample sequence for a 4-year (120 credit) degree completing three (3) work terms:

Time Fall Winter Spring/Summer
Year 1 Full time – 15 cr. Full time – 15 cr. Off
Year 2 Full time – 12 cr. Full time – 12 cr. Work Term I – 3 cr.
Year 3 Full time – 12 cr. Full time – 12 cr. Work Term II – 3 cr.
Year 4 Full time – 12 cr. Full time – 12 cr. Work Term III – 3 cr.
Year 5 Full time – 9 cr.

Remember, sequencing and individual course load allocations may vary by person and/or program.

What’s a work term?

A work term is a full-time, paid work experience in a program-related position with an employer or organization. Students will apply academic knowledge and acquire more competence through relevant experience in their field of study.

  • Each work term is developed in partnership with you, an employer and the Co-op Office to ensure a suitable learning environment.
  • A work term is defined as 12-16 weeks (420 hours) full-time paid experience.
  • You are engaged in productive work, for which you receive remuneration (you get paid).
  • The Co-op curriculum supports student learning goals, personal evaluation and reflection.
  • Your performance in the workplace is supervised and evaluated by the employer.
  • Your progress during their work term is monitored by the Co-op Office.
  • Co-op Program must begin and end with an academic term.
  • Both work and academic terms are full-time and follow a formalized sequence.

Students who successfully complete three Co-op work term placements are awarded a Co-operative Education degree designation when they graduate from Brandon University.