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We’re looking for progressive employers like you! 

Are you looking for new perspectives and ideas? Perhaps gain a competitive edge with current industry research? BU students bring up-to-the-minute theoretical knowledge, integrating it into their practical work experience at your business.

Co-op connects you to Brandon’s next generation of bright, talented, and motivated employees and future leaders. Our students bring energy, fresh ideas, academic knowledge and real skills to your workplace.

Think of us as modern-day matchmakers. We don’t just get to know
you on paper. We get to know you in person.

Financial Support

Did you know there are financial assistance programs to help you hire the right talent?
We’d love to tell you more!

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Personalized Service

We offer personalized assistance to customize your recruiting efforts, ensuring you find the best fit for your business and budget.

Hiring Made Fast and Easy

Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to recruiting. BU Co-op is your pipeline to talent sourced directly for your industry.

Whether you are a small start-up or a multinational company, get immediate access to a growing community of talented students seeking professional positions with progressive employers.

Why Co-op?

Co-operative Education, or Co-op, is an innovative learning strategy where students alternate study terms with terms working for employers in their field of interest.

Co-op is based on a shared relationship between Brandon University, student and employer. Students gain valuable hands-on experience in their field while you benefit from students’ energy, fresh ideas and hard work.

Of course, tax-benefits are just one of the many reasons in favour of hiring Co-op students.
The majority of employers who hire co-op students love the enthusiasm and great attitude they see in their students.

For many businesses, hiring Co-op students is an opportunity to inject new skill sets into their organization and developing talented future employees.

In hiring Co-op students, you have the opportunity to scout future employees and assess their abilities without making any commitments, while supporting your current staff.

How Can Co-op Help You?

We can offer a flexible and cost-effective way to hire new employees, giving you an opportunity to gain short-term help on specific projects and effectively conduct a four-month interview with a potential job candidate.

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility: Students can help you initiate new projects, complete existing projects or provide relief during peak periods.
  • Higher retention: Many employers hire former co-op students in full-time positions—this translates to lower recruitment and training costs, as well as higher employee retention.
  • Energy and ideas: Co-op provides you with a year-round supply of enthusiastic student employees who are excited to bring new ideas to your workplace.
  • Community relations: Co-op employers are encouraged to exchange and innovate new ideas.

Consider BU Co-op for your next:

  • Special project
  • Maternity leaves and vacation relief
  • Employee development
  • Research projects
  • Year-end and peak period demands

BU Co-op brings diversity and valuable expertise to you and your industry.