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26 Co-op Majors- The variety of the Co-op Program will ensure you find the students with the correct set of skills.

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Whether you are a small start-up or a multinational company, hire from a growing community of talented students seeking professional position with progressive employers.

Why Co-op?

  • Financial assistance programs to help you hire the right Co-op student. 
  • The many participating majors in the Co-op Program provide you with a variety skill sets to best suit your industry. 
  • The Co-op Office will create a communication line between you and talented students that will bring their best to your industry. 
  • Gain short-term help on specific projects.  

How Can Co-op Help You?

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility: Students can help you initiate new projects, complete existing projects or provide relief during peak periods.
  • Higher retention: Many employers hire former Co-op students in full-time positions—this translates to lower recruitment and training costs, as well as higher employee retention.
  • Energy and ideas: Co-op provides you with a year-round connection to enthusiastic student employees who are excited to bring new ideas to your workplace.

    Majors with Co-op


    BU Co-op brings diversity and  expertise to you and your industry.