Bachelor of Music

Please read the following information so you are familiar with your course registration  process.

Review Registration Info

1. Review Registration Info

Welcome to the School of Music! We look forward to meeting you and helping you become a successful student. Here is some important information that you will need to know.

How to Register for Courses:

Forgot your password of having problems logging in?  Contact the Help Desk  (204) 571-8500 (8:30am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday). Include your student number in all communications with them.

Things to Remember:

  • Please ensure that you have received a letter from the Admissions department confirming your acceptance to Brandon University.  If you have not received a letter, please contact the Admissions Office at to find out what information is missing.
  • If you have not already do so, please confirm your intention to register by returning your acceptance letter to the School of Music at

Picking Your Courses:

  • The courses for first year are common to all Bachelor of Music programs.
  • Please see the table below to help you choose your courses (These courses are listed in the 2020-2021 Registration Guide).
  • Enter your courses into the slot schedule. This is your timetable for the year.
Dept # Course # Section # Term Course Title Slot Room Credit Hours
65 1001 Select appropriate section 1 Applied Concentration Arranged with Instructor Arranged 3
65 101 Select appropriate section 2 Applied Concentration Arranged with Instructor Arranged 3
64 1102 A00 1 Materials of Music 03 1-57 3
64 130 A00 1 Music History Survey I 11 1-57 3
64 131 A00 2 Music History Survey II 11 1-57 3
64 1823 A02 or A01 1 Aural & Keyboard Skills I 04 1-57 or L-04 1.5
64 183 A02 or A01 2 Aural & Keyboard Skills II 04 1-57 or L-04 1.5
64 180 A00 2 Foundations of Tonal Melody/Harmony 03 1-57



65 1174 A10 1 Ensemble, Concert Choir

Monday and Wednesday

5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

1-20 1.5
65 1184 A10 2 Ensemble Concert Choir

Monday and Wednesday

5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

1-20 1.5
65 1175 See notes (5) below 1 Ensemble I 1.5
65 1185 See notes (5) below 2 Ensemble II 1.5
65 1875


(For Voice Students only)

1 Diction for Singers I 07 2-02 1.5
65 1885


(For Voice Students Only)

2 Diction for Singers II 07 2-02 1.5

*Please note that the slots and room numbers are subject to change.


  1. Applied Instructor: Each applied instructor has a different section #.  Please check the registration guide to ensure you are choosing the correct instructor for your course. For example – Applied Concentration in Piano with M. Masaki is A18, but for the same course with A. Tselyakov – the section # is A21. If your Applied Concentration lists multiple instructors you will receive notification from the School of Music confirming your instructor. Please wait for this information before registering for your Applied Concentration.
  2. Theory Placement: Students who do not achieve the required mark on the theory placement test (part 1) will be required to complete 64:110 Materials of Music in term 1. Materials of Music must be successfully completed in order to take 64:180 Foundations of Tonal Melody and Harmony.  Note: If you meet the minimum requirements in theory rudiments and are not required to take 64:110 Materials of Music, you might consider taking another 3 – credit hour non-Music course as an option.
  3. Aural and Keyboard Skills: Students can choose section A01 or A02 for 64:182 Aural and Keyboard Skills in term 1 and 64:183 Aural and Keyboard Skills in term 2.  It is recommended (but not required) that students register in the same section number for both terms.
  4. Concert Choir/Chorale Ensembles: All students must register for Concert Choir Ensembles (65:117 and 65:118 Ensemble (Concert Choir) in term 1 and term 2). Voice audition placements will take place the first week of classes.  Once auditions are complete, students will be notified of their choral ensemble assignment (Concert choir or Chorale).  Students who switch from Concert Choir to Chorale can make this change online in September.
  5. Second Ensemble: Students select a second ensemble (in addition to Concert Choir) that corresponds to their appropriate performance area. (The same ensemble class should be accepted for both terms). The ensemble options are:

    65:117/118 (Jazz) – Section A03

    65:117/118 (Orchestra)

    65:117/118 (Class) – piano

    65:117/118 (Symphonic Band)

    65:117/118 (Guitar)

    Voice Majors: Students majoring in voice should choose 65:187 Diction for Singers (first term) and 65:188 (second term) in place of the second ensemble class.

    1. Non-music courses: Students are required to take two non-music courses in their first year.

    Voice Majors: Students considering Bachelor of Music (Performance major) must complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of French, German, Italian or Spanish from among the 24 credit hours required in courses other than music. You may want to consider a language course as one of your non music course selections.

    Music Education: Students considering Music Education should contact the School of Music at to set up an appointment with an advisor to ensure that they are selecting appropriate second teachable courses (see below).

    Second teachable subject:
    Anthropology Art
    Biology Chemistry
    Computer Science Drama
    Earth Science Economics
    English Literature Environmental Studies
    French General Science
    Geography History
    Indigenous Language Law
    Music Mathematics
    Native Studies Philosophy
    Physical Education Physics
    Political Science Psychology

    Contact information:

    We look forward to meeting with you in person! You will have an opportunity to discuss any questions pertaining to course selection during the orientation period in September as well.

     If you have any questions regarding this information please contact Bobbi White at or 204.727.7388.

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