Already Accepted?

Welcome to Brandon University! Below is a list of tasks for you to complete to help you prepare for the first day of classes.

1.  Join the conversation

Add BU to Facebook and Twitter for important updates! Use #IAMBU throughout your university journey.

2.  Claim your B.U. ID will allow you to have access to the Student Information System where you can check your marks, view financial information, print off your course schedule (timetable) and view waiting lists as well as add/drop courses. This will also activate your BU email account.  You will need your six-digit number which is in the middle of your acceptance letter. Lost it? No worries. Email

3.  Choose your Courses

It’s time to choose courses!

Registration for students starting in September 2018 begins April 30, 2018 (stay tuned for more information). Courses fill up quick so register as early as possible. Students registering after June 1, 2018 may be subject to full courses and wait-lists.

Please follow the directions based on your program. Click here to start (coming soon)!

4.  Check your BU Webmail Account (email)

At the top of the BU homepage, there is the word WEBMAIL.  Click on that to access your BU account.  You will need to have claimed your i.d. (see above) before you can access this account.    You can forward this email to another account (e.g. hotmail, gmail).  Please check this email regularly! Your BU Webmail account is the primary way we contact you about changes to your classes, wait-lists, upcoming events, and so much more!

5.  Apply for Residence (or look for off-campus housing)

Applications can be completed online.  Have questions?  Please call the Residence Office at 204-727-7394.

6.  Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

7. Attend Pre-Orientation

Do you have lots of questions about becoming a university student? Attend this half day event and learn tips and tricks to make your transition to university a smooth one. Parents and family members welcome. Check back soon for information about dates and registration.

8. Get your Student Card

Your student card can be obtained through Ancillary Services starting July 31st. Get your card by stopping by in person or via email. Learn about your options at the Student ID Centre or call 204-727-7394.

9.  Organize Transportation

10.  Connect with Student Accessibility Services (if applicable)

Students who require Academic Accommodations should connect with Student Accessibility Services in a timely manner to ensure supports can be put in place. Call 204-727-9737 to book an appointment.

11. Connect with Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (if applicable)

Students who have gained university-level knowledge and skills through life and work experience may be eligible to apply for academic credit. For more information please visit the PLAR website or call 204-727-7300..

12.  Organize Daycare (if applicable)

BU Early Learning Centre, (a provincially subsidized day care) welcomes children between the ages of 2 and 6, of students and staff of Brandon University. It is located adjacent to campus at 303 21st Street. For more information call 204-725-0968

13.  Connect with the Office of International Activities (if applicable)

Airport Shuttle?

Student Visa?

14.  Register for Orientation on September 4th!

Watch your mail for information about our new student orientation.  Registration will open up in August. Check back soon!

15.  Buy your textbooks

Sign into Student Information using your BU I.D. and print out your course list and visit our campus bookstore. The staff there are super-helpful.

16.  Make your Payments

  • Tuition – Tuition is due on the first day of each semester. You can pay in person or online. It is recommended to pay at least a week prior to the start of classes. Questions? Call Financial and Registration Services at 204-727-9724.
  • Residence  – Housing payments are due in full at the beginning of each term (before you check in). Pay online, in person or by mail.
  • Verification of Enrollment – Your financial institution may require a verification of enrollment. Log in to Student Information and click on the Verification of Enrollment tab to download the form. Please contact Financial & Registration Services at (204) 727-9724, or via email at if you have questions.

17.  Get excited!  Buy some BU swag!

Order your BU swag online!

18. Help your parents and family members support you!

We encourage you to involve your parents, family members, and support system in your university journey. Click here to share resources with you loved ones.

We look forward to seeing you!