Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education Integrated

This 5-year program is for students who want to become an early or middle years teacher, and gives high school graduates immediate access to teacher education.

Bachelor of Education After Degree

This 2-year program is for students who have already finished a first degree and want to become a senior, middle or early years teacher.

Concurrent Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education

This 5-year concurrent program allows students to complete both a Music degree and Education degree at the same time, and be eligible for a class five Manitoba teacher’s certification after five years.

Indigenous Education (P.E.N.T.)

PENT is an integrated Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education program intended for Indigenous Educators, who are already employed in schools as educational assistants.

Technical Vocational Route

This program provides a pathway for Manitoba teachers with the Red River College technical vocational diploma to gain a Bachelor of Education degree. 

Bachelor of Physical Education Studies

The BPES is a three-year degree offering three streams of study – Teaching; Exercise Science and Fitness; and Recreation and Sport Management