Technical Vocational Route

This program is intended for technical vocation teachers who have completed the Red River College Technical Vocational teaching diploma. The program will provide a pathway for Manitoba teachers with the Red River College technical vocational diploma to gain a Bachelor of Education degree after which they are eligible to apply to be professionally certified as K-12 teachers in Manitoba.

The Bachelor of Education (Technical Vocational Route) is a 60 credit hour program at Brandon University. This is a cohort-based program which allows students to complete their studies on a part time basis over 3 years. To see what this program will look like over three years, view the Technical Vocational Program Map for a sample of scheduling and courses throughout the program.

The program will have 48 credit hours in person delivery and 12 credit hours online delivery. Students will also require 3 credit hours (6 weeks, full time) of Field Experience.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will earn their Bachelor of Education degree and are recommended to the Professional Certification Unit of Manitoba Education and Training to teach in public schools in Manitoba.

Students seeking the Bachelor of Education Program (Technical/Vocational route) at Brandon University must complete 60 credit hours consisting of a minor teachable area (18 credit hours) in an Arts or Science Discipline, 12 credit hours of Arts or Science elective courses, 27 credit hours of Education courses and 3 credit hours of Field Experience:

Required Credit Hours
18 credit hours in Arts courses (Minor) or Science courses (Minor) 18
12 credit hours in Arts courses (Elective) or Science courses 12
Required Credit Hours
04:356 — Social Justice Education 3
04:254 — Inclusive Education/ Adolescent Exception (MY-SY) 3
04:256 — Adolescent Development and Learning Process (MY-SY) 3
02:381 — Teaching Aboriginal Studies 3
02:342 — Student Literacy Intervention 3
Plus Credit Hours
Minor teachable methods 6
Education electives 6
Plus Credit Hours
01:475 — Field Experience IV 3
Degree Total: 60

For more information about the Technical Vocational program, please review our Information Package or contact the Faculty of Education Undergraduate Office Assistant at (204) 727-9626.