Brandon University’s tuition rates are among the most affordable in the country. The total cost of attending BU is influenced by a number of issues such as where you live, what program you are enrolled in and how many courses you take.

Spring/Summer Session Tuition Tables

Financing your Education

Financing your education may prove to be a challenge and may appear to be a hurdle on your road to an education. Financial assistance is available through the Canadian ( and Provincial ( government student loan programs for eligible full-time students who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.

Most financial institutions offer student lines of credit as well as other banking options. Amounts vary at each institution.

Tax Considerations

Tax incentives are available to students, or sometimes to a supporting person, to reduce the cost of post-secondary education. Tax form T2202A, which reports eligible tuition paid and months enrolled, will be available in February and is used to claim the tuition tax credit, education tax credit and textbook tax credit.