Costs Estimator

Please note:

This tool is intended to provide only an estimate of your Undergraduate (domestic) University costs. Actual costs will vary depending on the faculty, whether courses are on campus or distance, where books are purchased, and other factors. Fees may change without notice.

The $250 mandatory Health & Dental fee is included; however, some students may be able to opt-out of this fee. Materials fees associated with some particular courses are not included.

Do you have questions about residence costs? Please contact the Residence Office.

Meal plans are mandatory for residence students. More information on Meal Plans can be found here.

Short term accommodations will be available in residence this year. Please see their page for more information.

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Meal Plans are mandatory for residence students. The value Plan is the equivalent of 2 meals a day for the average eater. Premium Plan is equivalent of 3 meals per day for the average eater. For more information visit the Residence website.
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Books (based on the number of classes indicated above)
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