Tour Information

It’s all about fit. Explore our campus and discover the endless opportunities for academic excellence and personal achievement at BU! Our tour guides will show how a small campus can make a big impact!

When can I come for a campus tour?

Campus Tours are available the following times:

September to December:

Tuesdays 10am 11am
Thursdays 10am 11am
Fridays 2pm 3pm

January to April:

Mondays 10am 11am
Thursdays 9am 10am
Fridays 10am 11am

Brandon Career Symposium: Tours will be offered to school groups attending the Brandon Career Symposium.  Tours are offered on a first come, first serve basis. To book your tour please email Kathleen Richards directly at or call 204-571-7847.

April 16, 2019 April 17, 2019
10am – 11am 10am – 11am
11am – 12pm 11am – 12pm
12pm – 1pm 12pm – 1pm
1pm – 2pm 1pm – 2pm
2pm – 3pm 2pm – 3pm
  • Our tours run back to back and our tour guides are giving consecutive tours, therefore, it is imperative that you arrive on time.
  • If you are traveling any distance, please allow for adequate travel time and road conditions.  If your group is more than ½ hour late, the tour will be cancelled.
  • It is the school counselor or chaperone’s responsibility to stay with their group and maintain control of the group at all times.
  • It will be exam period while you are visiting our campus and we ask that your group respect this environment in a quiet, considerate manner. Due to exam preparation, it will not be possible to tour Residence during this time.
  • Please provide us with a cell phone number that you or a chaperone can be reached at in case of the need to connect last minute.

May to August:  As requested.

To better serve you, we request that campus tours be booked a minimum of two weeks in advance.

How long are tours?

Campus tours typically last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Where do we meet?

Please check in at Student Services in the A.E. McKenzie Building five minutes before the commencement of your tour. For large groups, please make yourself comfortable on the couches found in the A.E.McKenzie hallway while one member from your group checks in at Student Services.


Visitor parking is located in Lots 5 and 6 (not 6A).  Lot 6 is located west of the Western Centennial Auditorium. Both parking lots charge $0.60 per hour and tickets are available at the ticket dispenser located at each entrance.

Guests arriving by bus must park in Lot 5 at the corner of Princess & 20th Street. Bus drivers may drop students off at the north entrance of the A.E. McKenzie Building and must proceed to Lot 5. Bus drivers are required to pay the parking fee of $.60 per hour.  Please do not park your bus on the street as traffic vision is blocked for regular university students/traffic.

We are not responsible for any parking tickets incurred during your visit, so please make sure you purchase the correct amount of tickets and display them on your front dash.

Running Late?

Please contact the Recruitment and Retention Office at 204-573-3577 (text or phone). There are numerous people involved in your visit and they will need to be advised that you are behind schedule. If you are more than 1/2 hour late, we have the right to cancel the campus tour.


Please contact the Recruitment and Retention Office at 204-573-3577 (text or phone) at least two hours prior to your scheduled visit if you are unable to attend.