Office of the Dean

Dr. Linda Ross returns to BU as Acting Dean of Health Studies

May 28, 2020

A former Dean of Health Studies is temporarily stepping back into the role.

Dr. Linda Ross has assumed the position of Acting Dean of Health Studies, stepping in for Dr. John Moraros, who has taken a personal leave with the support of the university.

Linda Ross was the first Dean of Health Studies and served in that role from 1997 through 2008.


Dr. Jean (John) Moraros
Dean and Professor,
Faculty of Health Studies

Welcome to the Faculty of Health Studies at Brandon University.  We are a tight-knit community of outstanding and enthusiastic faculty and staff ready to teach, support and inspire you to attain an exceptional educational experience and a life-changing professional career in nursing and/or psychiatric nursing.

We are pleased that you chose to join and contribute to our growing, diverse and welcoming family.

We aim to become home to the best and brightest students from our regional, national and international community. We emphasize the importance of student-centered learning, interdisciplinary research and community engagement/outreach. We appreciate, respect and expect in all its shapes and forms: Innovation, Collaboration, Diversity and Multiculturalism.

We have incredibly talented and dedicated professors that get to know and work closely with their students in small class environments. During their academic time here, we challenge and help our students become active learners, critical thinkers and competent and caring professionals. In turn, we ask that our students share and use their new found knowledge, skills and gifts to help address social justice issues and improve healthcare outcomes, especially among minority and vulnerable populations in our global community. In our Faculty of Health Studies, we recruit, teach and shape the next generation of compassionate, servant leaders that make a positive impact in every aspect and at every level of health care.

We encourage and support our students to strive for excellence in everything they do and be ready to make a meaningful difference as engaged citizens and global leaders.

I urge all of our students during their time here to take every opportunity both inside and outside of the classroom to think, act and BU: Be bold, be kind, be brave, be responsible and be ambitious!

I look forward to meeting each one of our students and developing strong collaborations with our supportive community partners.

You academic journey begins here!

Best wishes,


Dr. John Moraros | MD, PhD, MPH
Dean and Professor
Faculty of Health Studies


Dr. Linda Ross Acting Dean of Health Studies
Dr. Jean (John) Moraros Dean & Professor of Health Studies
Michelle McFarlin Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Health Studies