Academic Faculty

Nursing Department

Dr. Nora Ahmad Associate Professor DMedSci, B.N.S, R.N
Myrna Bartel Instructional Associate R.N
Kelly Beaumont Instructional Associate R.N., B.N.
Pamela Burns Instructional Associate R.N., B.N.
Krista Callahan Co-Chair and Instructional Associate  R.N., B.N.
Kathryn Chachula Assistant Professor R.N., B.N., M.N.
Tracey Collyer Student Advisor RN, BScN
Marcy Goetz Clinical Placement Coordinator B.N, R.N.
Jan Marie Graham  Assistant Professor  B.Sc.N., M.N.
Denise Hardy Instructional Associate R.N., B.Sc.
Nadine Henriquez Assistant Professor R.N., B.N., M.N.
Michelle Lowe-Puhach Instructional Associate R.N., B.N.
Nancy McPherson Co-Chair and Associate Professor R.N., B.Sc.N., M.Sc.
Dr. Ali Salman Professor (On Leave)
Faye Simpson Instructional Associate R.N.
Deanne Sprott Instructional Associate R.N., B.N.
Dr. Penny Tryphonopoulos Assistant Professor R.N., B.N., M.N., PhD
Laura Van Mulligen Instructional Associate B.N., R.N.

Psychiatric Nursing Department (Brandon)

Karen Batson Assistant Professor (On Leave) R.P.N., B.Sc.M.H., B.G.S., M.Ed.
Lorna Canada-Vanegas Mesa Co-Chair and Instructional Associate R.P.N., B.Sc.P.N.
Cathy Demas Student Advisor B.A., R.P.N.
Tanya Denys Instructional Associate R.P.N., B.Sc.P.N.
Karen Doty-Sweetnam Associate Professor R.P.N., M.Ed.
Dr. Noreen Ek Assistant Professor R.P.N., B.A. (Spec), M.A., Ph.D.
Roberta Graham Associate Professor B.H.E., M.M.F.T.
Dr. Patrick J. Morrissette Professor B.P.E., M.Ed., Ph.D.
Katherine Pachkowski Assistant Professor R.P.N., B.Sc.P.N., M.Sc.
Jacquelyn Pentney Clinical Placement Coordinator BScPN, RPN
Dr. Fran Racher Professor Emerita R.N., B.Sc.N., B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Dr. J. Renee Robinson Professor  (On Leave) R.P.N., B.Sc.M.H., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Community Health)
Kimberley D. Ryan Co-Chair and Associate Professor RPN, RN, BScN, MDE
Nadine Smith Instructional Associate R.N., B.N.
Candice Waddell  Assistant Professor R.P.N., B.Sc.P.N., M.P.N.

Psychiatric Nursing Department (Winnipeg)

Jennifer Adair Instructional Associate BA (Adv), BScPN, RPN
Melanie Barnabe Instructional Associate R.P.N., B.Sc.P.N.
Karen Clements Assistant Professor R.P.N., C.A.C.E., B.A. (adv). M.A.
Debra Dusome Assistant Professor RN, BA, Ex.A.T., M.A.
Melanie Gessell Student Advisor  R.P.N., B.Sc.P.N.
Jane Karpa Assistant Professor and MPN Coordinator B.A., R.P.N., CMHW(A), M.M.F.T., PhD(c)
Lisa Kordalchuk Instructional Associate  B.Sc.N., R.N.
Felicia Lucec Instructional Associate B.N., M.H.S.
Wendy Lynch Instructional Associate BN, RN
Dana Naismith Assistant Professor R.P.N., B.A., B.Sc.P.N., M.H.S.
Fiona Smith Associate Professor R.P.N., R.N., B.A., M.N., PhD(c)
Betty Wedgewood
Clinical Placement Coordinator and Instructional Associate R.P.N., B.Ed.

Indigenous Health Studies Transition (IHST)

Name Title Degree
Andrea Hinch-Bourns Program Coordinator B.F.N.A.C., B.S.W., M.S.W.

Adjunct Faculty

Debra V. Carnegie Adjunct Professor B.A., M.S.W.
Dr. Diana Clarke Adjunct Professor B.Sc., B.N., M.A., Ph.D. (Psychophysiology/Health Psychology)
Nicklaus Csuzdi Adjunct Professor B.A., M.S.(Family Relations and Applied Nutrition.
Tina Curtis Adjunct Professor R.P.N., B.Sc.P.N., M.P.N.
Christopher J. Enns Adjunct Professor B.S.W., B.A. (Psychology) M.S.W.
Kristen A. Hardy Adjunct Professor B.A., M.A., PhD (C)
Anna Helewka Adjunct Professor R.P.N. R.N., B.Sc.N. M.Sc.N.
Sandi Homeniuk Adjunct Professor R.N., M.Sc.N.
Dr. Kathryn Hyndman  Adjunct Professor R.N., B.S.N., M.N., PhD
Dr. Bonnie Jeffery Adjunct Professor B.S.W., M.S.W., Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Work and Health Services Research)
Dr. Frances Johnson Adjunct Professor R.N., B.Sc.N., M.A.(Ed), PhD (Nursing Education)
Kyla Johnston Adjunct Professor R.P.N., B.Sc.P.N., M.P.N.
Dr. Arlene Kent-Wilkinson  Adjunct Professor R.N., B.S.N., M.N., Ph.D. (Ed Admin)
Dr. Brian Larson Adjunct Professor R.P.N., B.Ed.,  M.Ed., PhD (Education)
Gregory Malazdrewicz Adjunct Professor B.Sc., B.Ed.(V), M.Ed.
Bernard Mullins Adjunct Professor B.A., M. Div.
Dr. Tonia Nicholls Adjunct Professor B.A., M.A., PhD, Post Doc (Law & Forensic Psychology)
Dr. Jean Nicolson-Church Adjunct Professor B.S.N., M.S.N., PhD
Kimberly Poong Adjunct Professor R.N., B.Sc.N., M.B.A.
Dr. Ginette Poulin Adjunct Professor B.Sc., B.Sc.(H.N.S.), RD, MB, CCFP, CISAM, CMCBT
Dr. Ron Richert Adjunct Professor B.A., M.A., PhD (Clinical-Counselling Psychology)
Dr. Christopher Summerville Adjunct Professor B.A., M.Div., M.Miss., D. Min., LL.D (Honoris causa), CPRP
Dr. Sonia Udod Adjunct Professor R.N., B.Sc.N., M.S., PhD (Science of Nursing Administration)