FHS Learning Spaces

To check for availability or to reserve a room in the Health Studies Building please go to the following link at the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology learning spaces inventory:

Other Information:

*STANDARD CLASSROOM EQUIPMENT:  internet access, computer, data projector, DVD/VCR player, speakers (audio system).  It is advised that users bring their information and/or presentations on a flash drive.

BOOKING OF VIDEOCONFERENCE, TELECONFERENCE, and ZOOM: These arrangements are separate to booking a room and are to be made at the time of room booking.

OFF-CAMPUS USERS:  Depending upon your needs, booking may need to be made through the IT Help Desk.

HE OYATE TAWAPI:  No open fires are allowed in this room. Reasonable steps shall be taken to ensure that no alcohol will be served or consumed in the room at any time.

ROOM SET-UP/CLEAN-UP:  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BOOKING PARTY to arrange for set-up, take down and clean-up (this includes arrangement of furniture and restoration to original state, as well as food services, etc.). This must be done immediately after the event to accommodate the next booking/class.

NOISE:  While planning your event, please be respectful of the academic environment of the building (classes and students using the computers during the day and evenings).

KEYS: IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BOOKING PARTY to make arrangements to pick up keys as required and return them immediately following the event or the next business day.

BUILDING ACCESS AND SECURITY: For weekend/evening bookings it may be necessary to provide additional security. Please check with Stacey in Physical Plant at 727-9620 as to what hours Security works on the weekend. If additional security is required you must speak to the Dean of Health Studies.

FOOD SERVICES: IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BOOKING PARTY to make arrangements for catering. *No food and drinks are allowed in HSB 045.  **No alcohol is allowed in HSB 141.

GOODEN GALLERY: Individual/Groups wishing to display art in the Gooden Gallery must make a request in writing to the President. The Gooden Gallery and the He Oyate Tawapi (Ceremony Room) are considered to be a single space and will be booked on that basis to avoid conflicting uses.