Dr. Penny Tryphonopoulos

R.N., B.N., M.N., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Phone:  (204) 727-7317
Fax:  (204) 571-8568
Office #:  HSB 053

Research Interests

BU Research Connection – Penny Tryphonopoulos

My research program is guided by three principal questions: 1) What are the characteristics of an optimal caregiving environment? 2) How can parents be supported to build on their strengths as caregivers? 3) What can be done to influence positively the mental and physical health of the next generation? I am interested in examining i) parent-child relationships, ii) parent mental health, and iii) child health outcomes (e.g. cognitive and socio-emotional development) and how they are affected by “toxic stressors” such as perinatal mood disorders.

I am currently co-leading a VID-KIDS (Video-feedback Interaction Guidance for Improving Interactions Between Depressed Mothers and their Infants) a CIHR-funded intervention promoting depressed mothers’ sensitivity and responsiveness to their infants. Parenting training to promote sensitive and responsive maternal-infant interactions may be helpful in promoting healthy development in children of mothers with PPD.


2016 – 2020     Video-Feedback Interaction Guidance for Improving Interactions Between Depressed Mothers and their Infants ($569,552), CIHR Project Scheme Grant, Co-Primary Investigators: Letourneau, N., Tryphonopoulos, P.

2017                Video-Feedback Interaction Guidance for Improving Interactions Between Depressed Mothers and their Infants ($7500), Brandon University Research Committee, New Investigator Award PI: Tryphonopoulos, P.

2017                Manitoba RN’s Perspectives on Medical Assistance in Dying ($7500), Brandon University Research Committee, PI: Ahmad, N. Co-Investigators: Tryphonopoulos, P., Henriquez, N.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Tryphonopoulos, P., Letourneau, N., DiTommaso, E. (2016). Caregiver-Infant Interaction Quality: A Review of Dyadic Assessment Tools. Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Nursing, http://dx.doi.org/10.3109/01460862.2015.1134720

Letourneau, N., Tryphonopoulos, P. et al., (2015). Narrative and Meta-analytic review of interventions aiming to improve maternal-child attachment security. Infant Mental Health Journal, 36(4), 368 – 387.

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Tryphonopoulos, P., Letourneau, N., DiTommaso, E (2014). Attachment and Caregiver-Infant Interaction: A Review of Observational Assessment Tools. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, Vol. 35(6), 642–656.

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Letourneau, N., Watson, B., Duffett-Leger*, L., & Hegadoren, K., Tryphonopoulos, P. (2011). Cortisol patterns of depressed mothers and their infants are related to maternal-infant interactive behaviours. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 29(5), 439-459.

Letourneau, N., Dennis, C., Stewart, M., Duffett-Leger, L., Tryphonopoulos, P. (2011)

Identifying the support needs of fathers affected by postpartum depression: Pilot Study. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing.18, 41–47.

Contributions to Books

Letourneau, N. & Tryphonopoulos, P. (2012). Der CARE-Index: Ein Instrument zur Erfassung    der Beziehungsqualität zwischen Bezugsperson und Kind ab der Geburt.

(Translation-The CARE-Index: A tool for determining the quality of the relationship between caregiver and child from birth.) pp. 19-32. In: Stokowy, M. & Sahhar, N. (Ed.): Bindung und Gefahr. Das Dynamische Reifungsmodell der Bindung und Anpassung. (Translation-Bonding & Risk: The Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment). Psychosozial-Verlag: Frankfurt. (Manuscript in German).

Tryphonopoulos, P. (2012, May). Book review: Assessing adult attachment- A dynamic-maturational approach to discourse analysis. DMM NEWS, 12.