Dr. W. Dean Care



Faculty of Health Studies

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Dr. Care is a former Dean of the Faculty of Health Studies at Brandon University and the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Manitoba. He also served as Acting Vice-President, Academic & Provost in 2012-13 at Brandon University. Dr Care is the recipient of a number of awards including: two Outstanding Teacher Awards at the University of Manitoba; CRNM Board of Director’s Award of Distinction; and awarded the distinction as an Invited Professor, University of Havana Medical University, Havana, Cuba.   Dr. Care is currently a full Professor in the Nursing Department at Brandon University.


Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Nova Southeastern University (FL))

Master of Education (M.Ed.), University of Manitoba

Bachelor of Nursing (B.N.), University of Manitoba

Research Interests

In the past 15 years, Dr. Care has been a Principal and/or Co-Principal Investigator on almost $1,500,000 in research and operating grants. This includes funding from SSHRC, CIHR, CIDA, Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, and SHRF. He currently serves on Advisory Boards for peer-reviewed journals including Nurse Educator, Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, and the Canadian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research. Currently, his research interests include topic related to nursing administration/leadership and nursing education.

Selected Publications

Udod, S.A., Care, W.D., Cummings, G., & Jenkins, M. (2017). Impact of stressors on the health of nurse managers: A Western Canadian context. The Journal of Nursing Administration, 47(3), 159-164.

Udod, S.A, Cummings, G.G, Care, W.D., & Jenkins, M. (2017). Role stressors and coping strategies among nurse managers. Leadership in Health Services, 30(1), 29-43.

Care, W.D., Gregory, D.M., & Chernomas, W.M (2014). Nursing, technology, and informatics: Understanding the past and embracing the future. In M. McIntyre and C. McDonald (Eds.) Realities of Canadian Nursing: Professional, Practice and Power Issues (pp. 237-258). Philadelphia PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Udod, S.A., & Care, W.D. (2012). Walking a tight rope: An investigation of nurse managers’ work stressors and coping experiences. Journal of Research in Nursing, 18(1), 67-79.

Udod, S.A., & Care, W.D. (2011). Nurse managers’ work stressors and coping experiences: Unravelling the evidence. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, 24(3), 57-72.