Jane Karpa

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatric Nursing/Winnipeg Campus
MPN Coordinator
Phone: (204) 772-0377, Ext 875

Professionally, Ms. Karpa is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Ms. Karpa’s extensive clinical experience lies in the fields of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and as a Private Practice Mental Health Clinician. Professor Karpa is a tenured full time academic member with Brandon University, Faculty of Health Studies Department of Psychiatric Nursing Winnipeg Campus. Professor Karpa is a member of Brandon University Faculty of Graduate Studies and is the current Master of Psychiatric Nursing Program Coordinator. Professor Karpa is enrolled in the Applied Health Sciences Doctoral Program, University of Manitoba, Canada. Her PhD research project is a qualitative study titled: Families’ experiences living with acquired brain injury: A narrative inquiry.

Professor Karpa has a special interest in qualitative methodologies and her research topic areas include: Recognizing and understanding ambiguous loss and the implications for the psychiatric nurse – client therapeutic relationship; development of reflective practice in psychiatric nursing students; and research with families as a group. She has presented on her research projects nationally and internationally. Professor Karpa is passionate about promoting the development of family centered psychiatric nursing practice.

Publications (peer reviewed)

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