Career Opportunities

The Bachelor of Nursing Program prepares graduates to work as Registered Nurses (RNs) in a variety of settings. Registered Nurses may assume any one of the following roles:

  • Direct care provider to individuals and families with acute or long-term illnesses in institutions or in the community
  • Educational institutions – working in the educational environment teaching nursing students theory and clinical based practice
  • Administrative areas – assuming responsibility for leading other members of the health care team and for coordinating services

The BN Program attracts men and women, and gender-diverse people who are willing to make a career commitment. RNs participate as members of the health care team to promote health and to prevent illness.

Professional nurses associations in Canada are predicting a dramatic increase in the demand for nurses. The starting salary for Registered Nurses in Manitoba is approximately $80,000 per year. Graduates of the BN program are eligible for application to Graduate Programs.

Earning Potential as a Registered Nurse