Indigenous Peoples’ Centre

We are located in the heart of the university, nested right between the library and student services area. Services include holistic and developmental advising, orientation, academic support and Elders in residence. We provide computers, a telephone to call home, a boardroom, meeting areas for off campus education counselors, employment information and information about financial awards like scholarships and bursaries. IPC is a resource area on campus and in the community that makes referrals and provides information on resources, student leadership, and peer support.

We respect the treaties that were made on these lands and acknowledge that Brandon University is located on Treaty 2 Lands.   On behalf of Brandon University, I welcome you to the traditional homelands of the Dakota, Anishanabek, Oji-Cree, Cree and Metis peoples.

Brandon University is located on Treaty 2 land. Historically this place belongs to all the people. It is traditional Ojibway grounds that were never ceded. When the Dakota arrived from the United States, they accepted this area as Dakota Territory. It remains such today. The Turtle Mountains and Brandon Area was also home to the Metis peoples. Settlements along the Assiniboine River and into north eastern areas of Saskatchewan created a chain of Metis Communities. We, at Brandon University, acknowledge and respect the history, the land and the people of this area.

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