Are you a Band Sponsored Student?

There are things that you need to know about being a Band Sponsored Student:

  1. As a student, you have the responsibility to ensure that you are sponsored and that communication with your sponsor is vital.
  2. You must ensure that your tuition, books and student fees are covered, you may have partial or full sponsorship and you must clarify that with your sponsors.
  3. Your sponsors would need to submit an “Authorization to Invoice” to Financial & Registration Services, that details what your sponsors are covering. For example, are your sponsors covering just tuition and fees? How many courses can you register for each term? etc., Sponsored students are required to have their registration approved by Financial & Registration Services.
  4. Register for your courses! Did you know that even if you not sure that you are getting sponsored, that you can still register for courses. If for some reason your funding does not get approved – remember to drop the courses before the add/drop deadline.  See Undergraduate Calendar for add/drop dates.
  5. Get your text books!

Financial & Registration Services:

Second Floor, Clark Hall
270 – 18th Street
Brandon MB
R7A 6A9

Phone: 204-727-9699
Fax: 204-726-4573

Campus Books:

  • Does your sponsorship also include the costs of books and/or supplies?

Metis Students:

You can apply for Post Secondary Financial Assistance through your local Manitoba Metis Federation. Please click on the following link for more details.

Did you Know?

**Even if you are not sure if you are getting sponsored, you can still register for your courses – just ensure that if your funding does not get approved, you must remember to drop your courses before the add/drop deadline.**

**That as a sponsored student, you can still apply for scholarships, awards and bursaries. Please click on the following link to find more information on scholarships, awards and bursaries.**