IPC Events

IPC Event Calendar

Upcoming Events – (printable) February 2023

Please visit the above links or the Indigenous Peoples’ Centre to see the list of current events.

Pot Lucks:

Come meet in a good way with students, faculty and community members over food. This is a great way to create community and relationships that will last you a lifetime.

Round Dance/ Kahomani:

Every spring we host a round dance for the community to get students together after a long winter of classes.  Our goal is to bring everyone together for one night of positive fun, dance or relaxation so that we can all go forward into exams with a positive state of mind, soul and body.

Indigenous Student Orientation:

Along with the Brandon University Student Union’s (BUSU) orientation we also hold our own Indigenous Student Orientation. Here we plan events for students with families so that their children can become part of their education as well as events for the community, mature students and anyone else who wishes to join. Examples of some of our events throughout the last couple years are:

Welcome Feast:

We set up Tipis, bring in fiddlers, drummers and singers to entertain while we all eat together.

Movie Marathon:

An alternative to campus events is our Movie Marathon that goes all weekend long in the on campus theatre with movies ranging for people of all ages. This is free of charge with popcorn, breakfast and lunch being served.

Metis Fiddlers and Jigging demonstration and Lessons

All Nations Graduation Pow Wow

This coming year will be our 6th annual All Nations Graduation Pow Wow to honour our graduates and all the hard work that they have put into their education. This is an event that students look forward to throughout their entire time at BU. Families are invited to walk in grand entry with the students where they are honoured with gifts and speeches for their education and wished good luck in their future endeavors for whatever they choose to do going forward.

This event is open to the community and a great time to get to come visit our campus. We incorporate all Nations of people involving metis fiddlers, Inuit throat singers and dancers from all different backgrounds