Francophone Studies and Languages

Welcome to the Department of Francophone Studies and Languages!

Our department offers major and minor degrees in French and Francophone Studies as well as courses in Spanish, Latin, and Indigenous Languages.

Our approach involves extensive study of literary texts alongside training in linguistic skills.

The study of a second language engages students in the exploration of critical thinking and intercultural acumen: perspectives, customs, literature, and history suddenly become more understandable when they can be approached directly through the primary language. It is one of the cornerstones of a liberal arts and sciences education.

Why study French and Francophone Studies at Brandon University?

Did you know…?

  • French is one of the two official languages of Canada and one of the many founding nations of Canada (French, English, and Indigenous);
  • it is the third most studied language in the world;
  • and it is set to become the world’s most spoken language by 2050.

In fact, according to a recent article in the Globe and Mail, “Francophone candidates are in the driver’s seat. They can demand – and receive – lucrative salaries and perks in the current market, he said. Bilingual candidates are generally worth anywhere from 10- to 30-per-cent more than English-only candidates in today’s job market.”

Why abandon French after high school and lose the skills needed for the job market when you can enrol into a Major and Minor degree at BU!

The French and Francophone Studies Program at Brandon University proposes a vibrant, comprehensive array of courses, as well as a dynamic learning environment, whether you want to reconnect with your Francophone roots, envision travelling or working in Manitoba or abroad, or are curious about learning new languages and literature.

Working in a French language environment at home or abroad

Below are some of the career paths open to you with a French background in higher education at Brandon University:

  • Health: Nurse, Medical Practitioner, Counselor
  • Education: Early-Childhood Educator, Teacher, Researcher
  • Customer Service sector: Fintech, Financial services, automotive and pharmaceutical companies, entry and middle-management roles in marketing and sales, human resources, talent acquisition and information technology
  • Business: Administrator, Manager, Mediator
  • Arts and Music: Curator, Event Organizer, Public Relations Officer
  • Public Service: Lawyer, Social Justice Advocate, Community Development Consultant (municipal, provincial, federal)
  • Sciences: Crisis Relief Advisor, Rural Development Researcher, Technician

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We also offer courses of Spanish

Learn more about our new Intermediate course with a short video presentation in Spanish or in English

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Courses in Latin, Chinese, and of Indigenous languages (Cree, Dakota, and Ojibway — Intro, Intermediate, and Advanced) are also available.